Homeless Patients

If you are homeless, it is important that you still access good healthcare and local resources designed to help people that have no fixed abode.

We are happy to register patients with no fixed abode, however we recommend that you register at a practice in the area that you ‘stay’ at the most to access local services if you need them.

As we are unable to write to you, it is important that you provide the practice with an email or a telephone number that we can contact you on or leave a message if need be to avoid any delays in your care.

You can also access some services via your local pharmacy if you are register in London and meet their criteria.

For more information visit: https://northcentrallondonccg.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Self-care-First-Pharmacy-leaflet.pdf

Below are some very useful links to organisations that specialising in helping homeless people.



Connections at St Martins


Homeless link


End Youth Homelessness